3D Hands & Feet Casting

3D casting is a fun & quick way to capture hands & feet. We cast any age babies, toddlers, infants, juniors, adults & pets 

casting process pics by naomi 

Booking is essential as we come to your home which means we can arrange a day & time that would best suit you. Using a 1st grade dental moulding liquid which is non-toxic and skin safe  (reguarly used by dentists to take teeth impressions)  the hand/foot is slowly submerged into the liquid and gently held in place for less than 60 seconds while the mix sets. Babies can still move their hands/feet as movement will not effect the setting process. The hand/foot is then gently eased out of the mix leaving an exact mould of their hand/foot . The mould is then taken away to complete the casting process.

Casts are usually returned back to you within 3-4 weeks after the day of casting (this time scale may be longer during busy periods in the year ie Christmas, Mothers day Fathers day etc). The finished product is made from stone casting plaster which is hand painted bronze, silver, gold or any other colour you desire and then displayed on a wooden plinth or in a wooden box frame.


If you require a hand/foot combination not listed below please contact me and I will get back to you with a quote. 



     BABY OFFERS - Babies age 12 weeks & under:

                   x1 Hand & x1 foot framed £30

           x1 Hand & x1 foot framed with photo  £40

      Both hands & both feet framed with photo £70



Single cast

x1 Child's Cast


x1 hand OR x1 foot on a wooden plinth 

x1 hand OR x1 foot in a wooden frame 

x1 hand OR x1 foot in a wooden frame with a photo






Double cast

X2 child's Casts

 chars iphone pics 1701

Both hands OR both feet OR x1 hand & x1 foot on plinth        

Both hands OR both feet OR x1 hand & x1 foot framed          

Both hands OR both feet OR x1 hand & x1 foot framed with photo








Full set of casts 

X4 Child's Casts  

 chars iphone pics 1812

Both hands & both feet on a wooden plinth

Both hands & both feet in wooden frame with or without photo





X2 Children holding hands     £30  
X2 Adults holding hands     £40
X1 Adult & X1 Child holding hands     £35
X2 Adults & X1 Child holding hands     £50
X2 Adults & x2 children in the same cast     £60
X3 Children in the same hand cast     £40
X4 Children in the same hand cast     £50
X1 adult hand     £30

chars iphone pics 1822